Work began on the Memorial in 1945 on the initiative of colonel CHABANNE (1914-1963) - founder of the Maquis A S 18 BIR-HACHEIM - and members of the maquis. It was inaugurated on 21 October 1951 by the President of the Republic Vincent AURIOL..

The Memorial stands 21 metres high and is the work of François PONCELET -an architect from the Charente. It combines the cross of Lorraine and the "V" for Victory. It was designed as a "book of stone". The bas-reliefs created by the sculptors Georges GUIRAUD, Raoul LAMOURDEDIEU and Emile PEYRONNET retrace the lives, the sacrifices and the commitment of civilians and soldiers in the Resistance to liberate France.

A crypt was fashioned within where several leading members of the Resistance in the Charente are interred, including : Claude BONNIER, André CHABANNE, René and Pierre CHABASSE, Bernard LELAY, Jacques NANCY.

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